This post is for people that have already booked or are booking a tattoo appointment with me. Here is some useful information for you to make things easier.

I’ll be straight forward, Ok? Hope I won’t offend anyone. But, well… If are not able to face honesty, I won’t recommend you to work with me at the first place.

So, first of all: please have a look at my portfolio, check my Facebook and Instagram and try to figure out if you actually like my style. Once again, I don’t wanna be rude, but if you don’t see any scripts and black-n-grey or religious tattoos in portfolio, it probably means that I don’t do this kind of work. Please don’t ask me to do styles that I don’t know or don’t like. It’s going to look like shit and both of us are going to regret this.

If you are sure that you like my work, send me email or come by the shop and book a consultation. Please note that I have a long waiting list and I can not tattoo you tomorrow or next week.

Bring your ideas: tattoos that you like, pictures that you are inspired with, think about the meaning and expression that you want to represent.

But. Please don’t force your references on me. As you know, I take most of my reference photos myself. I like faces, but I don’t do actual portraits. I like realistic shapes, but I use thick lines and do solid color.

And, most importantly: I don’t draw sketches. I will have a reference picture ready (by appointment time), but it will probably make not much sense to anyone else but me. And I draw a lot freehand. So, pretty much, you won’t see the design until it is drawn on your skin. You just have to trust me with that, Ok?

One more thing… It does not happen too often anymore, but just in case: If you have changed your mind and decided not to get tattooed by me, or you can not afford the session right now, please call or text me! It is totally Ok with me, but please don’t make me go to work and loose the time of my life waiting for someone who is not appreciating my work and my passion. By the way, all the no-show customers are going straight to the Black List that we are sharing with dozen tattoo studios in Norway and in Sweden… Just saying

Ok. You have passed the consultation and booking challenge, there are still a few more things that you should know.

It is actually very important, so please pay attention:

  • I know it is hard, but, please, try not to go out and drink a night before the session.
  • Have a good night sleep and good breakfast.
  • Try not to stress… About anything. You are just about to get tattooed after a long wait, and you gonna love it and enjoy till the rest of your days. It is logical to portrait some good emotions there, isn’t it?
  • Drink a lot of water. Coffee, tea, beer and ice-tea does not really count. Your body needs water. Especially on a tattoo date.
  • Please don’t come earlier! I know that you are exited and your bus just happened to arrive 30 minutes earlier. There is a nice coffee shop just around the corner, so you can have a nice cup a coffee there, instead of stressing me and other people in the shop with your early appearance. There is no way that we can start earlier. But there is a big chance that you have to wait until I finish work that I’m doing at the moment. Please be patient. It’s not that hard.
  • Please don’t bring a “support-team” with you. I’m trying to give you the best I can, and I’m focusing on my work. Seriously, I am actually able to chat you with you while I’m working. You don’t need 5 of your friends entertaining you in the same time. They will probably annoy the shit out of me and will be kicked out, leaving a sour trace of guilt and disappointment in your heart. You don’t need that, right?



So… If you are still reading this and agree with all that mentioned above, you are my type of customer!

W E L C O M E  T O  T H E  M O R T E L A N D.

Lifetime satisfaction guaranteed.