Hi, my name is Nick Morte. I paint and tattoo. Sometimes, I write, work as a designer and hold public speeches.

I was born in Russia in 1981, and have always been interested in drawing and painting. Of course, I’ve attended art school as a teenager… In 1999 I’ve made my first tattoo on a friend, using self-made tattoo machine. I was mesmerized! After that, I’ve spent a few years learning tattoo craft, alongside with studying civil law at the university and taking private painting classes. In late 2000’s, I’ve gained international fame by traveling the world, attending tattoo conventions and seminars. Yes, I have pretty big collection of trophies and titles (I have to mention it here, right?) I have been based in Norway from 2010 until 2016, when Norwegian government has officially denied to recognise tattooing as a profession. Right now I’m “On The Road”.

I have been a part of a few collective art exhibitions in Russia and Scandinavia, and my first solo show “Revelations” took place 2015. My work was on a display at National Museum Of Cultural History in Oslo, Norway, as a part of “Take It Personally” exhibition from 2015 to 2016.

I regularly host educational seminars and work with legislative organizations as representative of professional tattooists and independent artists. I hate being political, but I often have to.

Feel free to contact me about any topic, I’m always up for interesting discussion, collaboration or contribution.



  • Nick Morte 2015
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  • Nick Morte tattooing at Inferno Festival
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